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Whatever your preference for outdoor recreation, you will definitely find something great in Somerset. Somerset is a great place for a relaxing getaway for couples or a family holiday, but I use it to find the best possible place to travel.

Those looking for a little adventure outside the museum can visit the petting zoo, ride the zip line, stroll through the museums and botanical gardens or even go to the zoo. After a few kilometres drive to Somerset, visitors have many opportunities to visit all these attractions as well as many other attractions in the area.

If you decide to venture out into the world, you'll find original art by renowned Kentucky artists as well as some of the country's most popular art galleries. Visit one of the special events at the Somerset Kentucky Museum that combines art and alcohol consumption, such as the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky State Fair.

If you want to explore some spooky places in Kentucky, check out our previous article here. Take a trip to Richmond, Kentucky, and visit the Somerset Kentucky Museum, Kentucky State Fair and Louisville Museum of Natural History, as well as some of the most popular Kentucky attractions such as the Old Louisville Zoo and Kentucky Zoo Museum in Louisville, Ky., or the Kenton County Museum and Library in Lexington, Ky., or even visit the State Capitol in Washington, D.C.! Do Things in Wayne, Pennsylvania and visit a number of museums, galleries, art galleries and other attractions at Wayne State Museum.

The entrance fee was donated to the Historical Society of Pulaski County, and after further research we found an old museum that recalls what Virgie did. Greene, who was seven when she and her family took the picture in 1943, said she was from Somerset and Pulaskingi County, Kentucky, at the time the group from Poland visited. Open to traffic at any time of the day and night, from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends and from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

The McCreary County Museum is also nearby and offers a variety of exhibits on the history of Somerset and Pulaski County and other parts of the county.

The National Quilt Museum is a great place to visit on a trip to Kentucky, both hobbyists and people who simply enjoy the result of a lot of time, care and effort. There is always something new and interesting to see in the museum, whether quilting, ceramics or other arts and crafts. American History: This museum traces the history of quilting in America from its beginnings to the present day, covering everything from folk and country to jazz and opera.

If you want to explore Kentucky's bourbon distilleries, make sure you visit one of these 10 fantastic Kentucky museums. For some of the best artwork in the country, visit the Kentucky Museum of Fine Arts in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as other museums and galleries throughout the state.

This small museum is located in Somerset, Kentucky, a historic town that happens to have some of its own haunted stories. This is Mill Springs National Cemetery, which contains federal burials, but there are also Confederate burials that are part of the National Historic Landmark Cemetery of the National Park Service. Further down the park is the Confederate mass grave in Somerset, which bears the name of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, one of Kentucky's most famous soldiers. There are a number of historic sites in the Somerset area, some of which have their own ghosts.

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If you can travel about 30 miles further east, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Somerset Falls and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Kentucky.

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More About Somerset