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The Somerset neighborhood is a beautiful community in Somerset, KY, with more than 50 residential units that offer assisted living and quality care. Five-star senior living, including assisted living, continuing education, aged care and rehabilitation.

Specialized programs include Stop Aging, a functioning executive program that focuses on cognitive strategies aimed at keeping seniors independent, and a variety of health and wellness programs.

Failure by five-star employees to comply with their duties can lead to discipline, including dismissal. This policy applies to all working conditions, including but not limited to the employment of employees in the United States of America and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Kentucky. Community facilities that the Company maintains at this site are subject to applicable state and local laws.

Persons found guilty by a court of abuse, neglect or ill-treatment of a person in a health care - related environment - are not suitable for employment in this position.

If your experience to date matches the needs of the companies, please contact a representative of the company for further information. Nurse contact: Please contact the appropriate person at (502) 543-5555 or the Kentucky Department of Health and Human Services (KYHHS).

Maintain the process documentation promptly and precisely and carry out work-related audits. Follow all the instructions for manufacturing, cutting and inspecting the product in a safe and efficient way as you are assigned to your work cell. Solve problems and communicate effectively with other team members within the cell and conduct job-related audits. Necessary for securing materials and for performing other tasks necessary for the safety of the company's products and equipment.

Facility policies and procedures, including Facility policies, procedures and manuals. We will not tolerate sexual harassment or any other situation in which a worker might find himself in connection with his employment.

We know that nutrition plays a crucial role in the healing process and we are proud to develop a menu from local sources and to commit ourselves to our partners. Five Stars is committed to maximizing the independence of its residents and improving their lifestyles. The steady growth has allowed us to grow, above all through the reference to our employees, but also to the quality of our facilities and residents.

After cleaning, hygiene and closing procedures of the departments, the work will be continued promptly and resumed within 24 hours of the closure of the facility.

The correct amount of chemical additives is maintained by proper washing, rinsing and disinfecting of all items. Test strips are used to ensure that the right amount of disinfected agents is present.

The main objective of the utility company's position is to maintain cleanliness and to disinfect pots, pans, utensils, appliances and parts in good time. The production manager takes on the task of assembling, cutting, gluing and cleaning products based on the area assigned to him. Under the direction of a chef, production manager or director, the chef is responsible for cooking meals, providing food to patients and serving and drinking at the counter. In addition to cooking, cleaning, washing, drying, packaging and packaging products, they are also responsible for catering and retail.

Over the years, the Somerset facility has won many health and safety awards, including the Health and Safety Excellence Award from the Department of Health and Human Services. The Honda Green Factory Achievement Award was presented for his commitment to the environment and the safety of his employees.

At HHS (formerly Hospital Housekeeping Systems), we are committed to providing the highest quality hospitality services to our hospital partners. HHS Culinary was created as an initiative by HHS partners seeking restaurants - high-quality health care dining programs. Today, we offer a variety of culinary services to a variety of hospitals and healthcare providers, including culinary education, culinary training and culinary management.